Download and/or listen all Kwon BoA audio – Descarga y/o escucha todo el audio de Kwon BoA

Listen – Album 01: ID; Peace B [64.61 MB]
Listen – Album 02: Jump into the world [95.4 MB]
Listen – Album 03: Listen to my heart [84.24 MB]
Listen – Album 04: No. 1 [82.29 MB]
Listen – Album 05: Peace B Remixes [64.25 MB]
Listen – Album 06: Miracle [66.32 MB]
Listen – Album 07: Valenti [76.85 MB]
Listen – Album 08: Atlantis Princes [68.92 MB]
Listen – Album 09: Next World [56.62 MB]
Listen – Album 10: Shine We Are [39.05 MB]
Listen – Album 11: Love And Honesty [69.97 MB]
Listen – Album 12: K-pop Selection Album [78.24 MB]
Listen – Album 13: My Name [82.59 MB]
Listen – Album 14: Best of Soul [158.64 MB]
ListenAlbum 15: Girls On Top [60.85 MB]
ListenAlbum 16: Outgrow [82.58 MB]

Listen – Single 01: ID; Peace B [21.75 MB]
Listen – Single 02: Amazing Kiss [19.66 MB]
Listen – Single 03: Kimochi wa tsutawaru [41.49 MB]
Listen – Single 04: Listen To My Heart [24.29 MB]
Listen – Single 05: Every Heart [21.13 MB]
Listen – Single 06: Don’t start now [14.83 MB]
Listen – Single 07: Valenti [19.63 MB]
Listen – Single 08: Kiseki / NO.1 [27.07 MB]
Listen – Single 09: Jewel Song / Beside You [26.43 MB]
Listen – Single 10: Shine We Are! / Earthsong [29.54 MB]
Listen – Single 11: Double [30.44 MB]
Listen – Single 12: Rock With You [20.56 MB]
Listen – Single 13: Be the one [18.09 MB]
Listen – Single 14: Quincy / Konoyono shirushi [20.80 MB]
Listen – Single 15: Meri Kuri [34.90 MB]
Listen – Single 16: Do the Motion [59.81 MB]
Listen – Single 17: make a secret [39.95 MB]
Listen – Single 18: Dakishimeru [21.30 MB]
Listen – Single 19: Everlasting [39.68 MB]
Listen – Single 20: Nanairo no Ashita / Your Color [25.57 MB]
Listen – Single 21: Key Of Heart / Dotch [18.12 MB]
Listen – Single 22: The Lights of Seoul [NY/ND]
Listen – Single 23: Double [29.73 MB]
Listen – Single 24: Rock With You [20.56 MB]
Listen – Single 25: Merry-Chri [34.66 MB]
Listen – Single 26: Everlasting [39.68 MB]
Listen – Single 27: Merry Christmas from BoA [48.91]
Listen – Single 28: Holiday [15.17 MB]
Listen – Single 29: the meaning of peace [5.86 MB]
Listen – Single 30: The Love Bug [11.7 MB]
Listen – Single 31: Everything Needs Love [26.2 MB]
Listen – Single 32: Show Me What You Got [NY/ND]

Listen – Instrumental Collection Part 1 [94.7 MB]
Listen – Instrumental Collection Part 2 [66.63 MB]
Listen – Instrumental Collection Part 3 [78.78 MB]
Listen – Instrumental Collection Part 4 [59.39 MB]
Listen – English Collection [40.73 MB]
Listen – Orchesta Collection [NY/ND]
Listen – Piano Collection [NY/ND]
Listen – Club Mix Collection [NY/ND]
Listen – Christmas Collection [NY/ND]
Listen – Midi Collection [NY/ND]
Listen – Unreleased Collection [NY/ND]

NY/ND: Not Yet – No Disponible


51 Responses to Music

  1. yunnie says:

    all links of cds broken and most of singles too…it´s too bad…

  2. yunnie says:

    Album 15: Girls On Top [60.85 MB]
    Album 16: Outgrow [82.58 MB]

    Links Deleted due to inativity

  3. hmm says:

    could you please reupload album GIRLS ON TOP??? the link is not working anymore. thanks

  4. Yunapolaris says:

    Really awesome collection! Thanks for sharing much! You’re my hero !

  5. Kana says:

    Can you reupload the singles DOUBLE (Korean and Japanese), Rock With You (Korean) Pleaseeee!!!
    Thanks ^^

  6. Rayoul says:

    Can u please upload the album – Jump into the World its not working due to inactivity. thnx

  7. mikzael says:

    i been ocupied but im here now, kwon that i havent finished uploading all material, so only the activated links are the ones working, jump into the world, outgrown and girls on top are back again, if there no activity for a month on a link, it becomes dead, so try and keep it up.

    More stuff coming soon, there will be a report every weekend.

    He estado ocupado con cosas de la escuela, pero finalemnte me estoy dando un tiempo para dedicarle a este blog, sepan que los enlaces que aun no estan activos es por que aun no subo todo el material, pero lo que ya esta disponible es lo que esta arriba. Jump into the world, outgrown y girls on top ya estan de nuevo activos, sepan que si un enlace no tiene actividad por mas de un mes, este automaticamente se deshabilita.

    Ya vendran mas cosas, esperen un reporte cada fin de semana.

  8. Nanami says:

    can you upload the albuns in other site? the Megaupload is not good… : / I can’t make the downloads with it…

  9. Marx.J says:

    Thanks so much for uploading these albums… BoA* Rules!

  10. Tamai =] says:

    Thanks youuu sooo much!
    I can get the VALENTI && the Love and Honesty albums. FINALLY. =D
    And I learned how to work Megaupload to work for meee. I feel ultra luckyy right now.
    btw. I can read spanish; so it’s not really a problem. ^^.

  11. mikzael says:

    jejeje, im so glad that people come in here, guess that ill take in consideration your sugestions, so, im planing on including a mirror kind of option, im going to upload the albums in other hosting services, also, as for the news, im planing to leave it in spanish becouse you can read them in in english, but, as for server stuff and so, im making the two versions so you dont have any trouble finding the stuff, man, i sure wish spanglish was a real languaje!.

  12. Baco says:

    Nhaa, thanx so muchhhhhhhhh!!!

    But there is a prob o.o’

    everytime I try 2 download OUTGROW I am downloadin Jumpin´into the world o.o’

    wut´s the prob?


    just xplain me, wich instrumental songs do u have in each cd, cause i just want My Name´s instrumental >

  13. selene says:

    hola muchas gracias por los cds y albumes porfavor siguelos subiendo aqui !!! el acceso es muy agradable gracias porfavor podrias subir meri kuri ? las dos versiones que hay hehe muchas gracias y esta muy bonito tu web! sigue asi hehe

  14. thuy van says:

    best wish for you

  15. selene says:

    plis put all the singles and special plissssssssssssss thank u!!

  16. nymph says:

    Thank u for upload every thing ^^
    hmm excuse me do u have another link to download instrumental b’coz I can’t download on megaupload and I don’t know why I try it many time
    if u have plss upload ^^ I’m waiting for this and thank u so much

  17. mikzael says:

    Bueno para todos los que lo estan pidiendo, ya estoy trabajando en las nuevas acutalizaciones, mi conexion de subida es solo de 128 asi que el trabajo sera lento, pero seguro.

    Thanks everyone for visiting this site and living your coment. right now im working on the updates for this site, my conection is slow, i just have 128 to upload so be patient.

  18. Yung Hsun says:

    This is a great webpage!!!
    All of BoA´s Albums are here!!!
    That would be a lot of work to upload them… Thanks!! Arigato…

  19. mp3pm says:


  20. mikzael says:

    We will, meanwhile the record company sends original material to our nearest store, we will wait sitting on a sofa listening to boas music 😀

  21. selene says:

    muchas gracias te agradecemos ese gran arduo trabajo tomas tu tiempo para subir los singles y los album es un gran esfuerzo realmente muchas gracias!!

  22. mikzael says:

    No hay problema, gracias por tu comentario 😀

  23. selene says:

    holitas hehe nu se si me paso hehe solo queria pedir un favorcito n_nU es que asi es la fanaticada queremos mas y mas hihihi plis porfis porfis sube the lights of seul jijiji bueno gracias espero no molestar hehe saludos!

  24. Michiyo says:


  25. sujin says:

    umm…. i know this is embarrassing to ask but how can you open a filizip to be able to get the songs because am having touble with getting the songs….

  26. Kaique says:


    I can’t believe that I’ve just got all BoA’s albums…

    Thank you so much for all of them!


  27. mikzael says:

    Hello there, thanks for the support, ill try to do my best.

  28. anan says:


  29. Gab says:

    BoA is really really cool

  30. Sakiko says:

    Yay! I love you forever and ever. Only: Megaupload will only let me download 1 file evey 213 minutes. Is there any way you could upload the files to sendspace? let me know. thanks!

  31. nWo says:

    Thank you so much for putting up all the singles, I really appreciate it!

    And Sakiko, you’re getting a complete discography for free and you’re complaining about wait times? I’m sure the admin has better things to do that re-upload 2+ GB of music just for you. Talk about selfishness.

  32. Sakiko says:

    Um, it’s not just that, but my computer is crappy and won’t unzip .rar files. Also: I have a timer on my computer (courtesy of my dad) that only lets me on the computer for two hours each day. So, NWo, think before badmouthing others because they might have a reason. Furthermore, I AM NOT SELFISH! That blow was way below the belt for me.

  33. nWo says:

    OK OK I’m sorry.

    And just so you know, to avoid wait times all you have to do is create a free account, install the MegaUpload Toolbar and you’ll be upgraded to a Premium status automatically at night. So if you stay up late, you can quickly download every single link.

  34. Anime_eternty says:


  35. Sakiko says:

    Thanks, nWo~!

  36. Clement Yuan says:

    Please upload at MegaUpload have to wait 60 second and download very slow. can download upto 500kb/sec. I download upto 230kb/sec.

  37. nWo says:

    another one…

  38. selene says:

    hola amigo gracias por toda esta gran coleccion. dime podrias subir the ligths of seul y love letter? porfaaa gracias

  39. j says:


    thanks for uploading the songs
    im looking for one called “Again”
    it seems to be really unpopular but it is
    my favorite


  40. Sushie says:

    Thannkksss you very munnchh! <333

  41. JMusicx says:

    no mijo vea todas las quejas jaja
    nos vemos (por internet huh)

  42. JMusicx says:

    yo tengo todos los albumes en mi blog tmb me cansonearon fue por el single rock with you…..que los subi varias veces y me reclamaron un agente todo raro ahi bueno chao……..

  43. Jea says:

    could you pleae re-up the spcial instrumentel collection part 1? THANK U!!!

  44. BOA LOVE says:

    BOA KWON IF YOU SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST KNOW I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU

  45. Duunia vaan…ja kesälomaa odotellessa festarien kera!!!

  46. Ybsshcvz says:

    david grohl photos,

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