Here you will find many songs all together from BoA’s albums and Singles.

Aqui encontraras varias canciones de BoA tanto de sus albumes como de sus sencillos.

[splashcast KIED4515UH]


2 Responses to Radio

  1. Hello miss Bôa! My name is Mary, I’m from Spain … my English isn’t very good. Sorry ú,ù. I’m 18 years old. Since I was eleven years old I go following your career as singer. I adore you! You are my singer and dancer favorite! I like very much your steps of dance and attempt to imitate them, But I still have much that to practise ù,uU. I wish a lot of luck you! And that you know that you have many fans here, in Spain. I have left my e-mail you in order that we are in contact. Also I have left my blog you; but it is in Spanish, so I don’t believe that you could deal very much… n,nU. If you understand something, or if you want to leave a track of life for my blog you can write to me some commentary. Don’t become oppressed for the work! Because later the remuneration comes and to us, the fans, madmen turn your songs. Certainly my favorite songs are: Sweet Impact, Girl on top, Duvet, Moto, Spark, My Sweetie, Milky Way, listen to my heart (English, Korean & Japanese), My Name, Valenti, and overcoat I adore your last single: Eat you up! Go on BôA! Very Luck for you!
    A Greeting of an Otaku of Seville, Andalusia. n,n Peace and love n,n

  2. anahii says:

    ¬¬ heeyy mary.. duvet is not from BoA Kwon.. that´s from a english band

    I LOVE THIS RADIO.. IT’S SO HELPFUL!! When I’m at school and I can’t bring my iPod I open this page and that’s it..!!

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