ok, im making some changes and thisplace is reserved for viewing some video material of BoA.

He estado haciendo cambios y este lugar esta reservado para ver material videografico de BoA.

>>> For some stream videos – Para ver videos en linea <<<


Comercials – Comerciales

[splashcast FMDP2779SO]

Music Videos – Videos Musicales

[splashcast HNDW3736QF]

Live Performance – Presentaciones en Vivo

[Not Yet/Aun No Disponible]

Documentals and Interviews – Documentales y Entrevistas

[Not Yet/Aun No Disponible]


8 Responses to Tv

  1. wilson says:


  2. Yeremia says:

    That’s very wonderful

  3. Yung Hsun says:

    Can the videos be direct downloaded?

  4. mikzael says:

    yes, im working on that, after finishind uploading all the albums, im heading right to the video sectio. 😀

  5. Yung Hsun says:

    That´s very cool!!
    Maybe I can complete my collection here…
    Do you have all the videos??

  6. mikzael says:

    naa, i dont think i do, so any help is wellcome 😀

  7. Sakiko says:

    Uwaaaaaaaa!!!!! Boa Kwon’s so pretty. I’m her fan…no.1!

  8. Kwon BoA says:

    Very good videos of BoA.

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