Tablo Loves BoA? – Tablo Ama a BoA?


Tablo, member of Korean Hip-hop group Epik High, confessed his love for BoA as a singer on SBS show “Yah Shim Man Man” which was broadcasted on the fourteenth. The show’s topic being, “My Secret Joys” Tablo confessed that he had joined BoA’s official fanclub, and it’s site with the username, “보아짱 귀염~” or “Cute BoA Jang~”. Tablo stated that he liked BoA as a singer and respected her greatly.

MANY OF YOU THINK TABLO LOVES BOA BUT HE ONLY LIKES HER PURELY AS A FAN! He does NOT want BoA as his girlfriend. He only likes and admires her as a singer!!

Tablo, miembro del grupo de hip-hop coreano llamado Epik High, confeso su amor por BoA, este amor es mas bien una admiracion de artista a artista, su confesion la hiso durante un programa popular llamado “Yah Shim Man Man” que se trasmitio el 14 en la cadena televisiva de SBS. El tema del programa fue “My Secret Joys” (Mis Alegrias Secretas), Tablo confeso haberse unido al club oficial de fans de BoA bajo el nombre de “보아짱 귀염~” o “Cute BoA Jang~” (Tierna BoA Jang~). Tablo declaro que le gusta BoA como artista y que la respeta.


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11 Responses to Tablo Loves BoA? – Tablo Ama a BoA?

  1. Antibush says:

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  2. Lee Zong Gi says:


    Almost all of fans wish to be their idols’ lover if they can.

    Just like alot of DBSK’s fans.

    Don’t they look like they wanna be their girlfriends? hahaha!~

    I think in Tablo’s deep heart

    He might have a little wish to be her boyfriend…

    But who would brave to say that ” I love Boa and I wanna be her bf!! “?

    lol Its just my opinion.. ^-^

  3. mikzael says:

    “I Love BoA and i wanna be her BF” 😀

  4. jacque says:

    haha i love Tablo and i think he can do way better!!!!!

  5. winnie says:

    jacque, def. agree. 🙂

  6. Sangay Tenzin says:

    Superb,all superb of regrets!

  7. Catherine says:

    Isn’t it funny that Boa and Tablo filmed the Anyband commercial together and in the end of the CF, it seems like they have a special relationship together!

  8. capitalbside says:

    I love that Tablo can still be a fan even when he makes music.

  9. inlovewithTablo says:

    If he stays single till i turn 20, I’m gonna run up to him. He’s all mine haha. And Boa is a good singer and hes someone who deserves all the right to admire her. He’s talented too and he thinks she really respects music and sings well, which is something not most singers have in their hearts or sing good these days.

  10. -------- says:

    Awesome, he admires her
    I want BoA to have a good boyfriend
    Anyway, Tablo has that other actress right??
    And many fans have already said yes to them

  11. Ang zi jie says:

    Agree…I want BoA to have a good boyfriend too……….someone alot better than me! hahaha!!!

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