BoA Goes on Stage Despite Ankle Injury – BoA Continua su Show a Pesar de una Lesion en el Tobillo


BoA, who attended the Jingu Gaien Hanabi Festival in Japan yesterday on the 16th of August, moved her fans once again and showed a true professional spirit. Jingu Gaien Hanabi Festival, being one of the largest fireworks festivals in Japan, BoA was invited to perform several songs. Practicing six straight hours two days before, BoA sprained her ankle. Despite the warnings for her not to perform that day, BoA sang her heart out with her new single song KEY OF HEART and four other dance songs. As hard as BoA dances look, singing five dance songs including Valenti, Shine We Are, QUINCY, and Nanairo No Ashita ~Brand New Beat~, is no easy task. Getting of stage with a cringe on her face, BoA stated that she wanted to enjoy her first fireworks festival in Japan. After enjoying the fireworks, BoA was transported to the emergency room to take X-rays. This was not the first time BoA ignored warnings to cancel her performances. In the 2005 Best of Soul Live Tour, BoA being in the same situation, ignored the warnings and sang on stage with the aid of some pain relievers. If she isn’t careful, she may not be able to dance or even walk in the future. Please be careful BoA!

BoA, quien se presento en el festival Jingu Gaien Hanabi en Japon el dia 16 de Agosto, conmovio a sus fans y demostro su profesionalismo. El festival Jingu Gaien Hanabi, siendo uno de los festivales de fuegos articifiales en Japon, invito a BoA para hacer una presentacion de varias de sus canciones. Practicando seis largas horas dos dias anterior al festival, BoA se lesiono su tobillo. A pesar de las advertencias de que no participara en el festival, BoA se presento y canto como nunca con su nuevo sencillo KEY OF HEART y otras cuatro canciones (Valenti, Shine we Are, Quincy y Nanairo no Ashita -Brand New Beat-). BoA dijo que queria disfrutar de su primer festival de fuegos artificiales y despues de dicho festival, fue trasladada a un hospital para tomarse unas radiografias. Esta no es la primeta vez que BoA hace caso omiso para cancelar una presentacion debido a lesiones. En el año 2005 en el Tour de Best of Soul Live Tour, BoA tuvo una situacion similar y salio al escenario a cantar con la ayuda de un medicamento para el dolor. Si no tiene cuidado podria perder su habilidad de bailar incluso de caminar. Por Favor cuidate BoA!

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  1. creecolmems says:

    Very interesting blog. I like to show off my depth standard Oh, good joke) What did one hot dog say to another? Hi, Frank!

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