BoA Advertises for Nike – BoA hace publicidad para Nike


Starting on the 29th of July, Nike will start their “Just Do It” Ad Campaign with this TV Commercial. Starring BoA as well as many world-renown athletes, the 30 second Nike CF hopes for its sucess. In the Korean version of the Nike commercial, Pro Golfer Michelle Wie, NBA player Lebron James, and Korean soccer player Jisung Park stars in the commercial. In the Japanese, BoA as well as NBA player Lebron James participated in the commercial. BoA now starring on world-class commercials and ads, she proves once again her value and popularity.

Iniciando el 29 de Julio, Nike dara inicio a su campaña “Just Do it” con este comercial para la television. Aparece BoA al igual que muchos otros atletas reconocidos a nivel mundial, se espera que el comercial de 30 segundos sea un exito. En la version Coreana aparecen tambien la golfista profesional Michell Wie, el jugador de la NBA Lebron James y el jugador coreano de Soccer Jisung Park. En la version Japonesa, BoA y Lebron Park participan. Boa, ahora participando en comerciales de clase mundial, nos demuestra una vez mas su valor y popularidad.

Watch the Japanese Commercial Now!! – Mirar el Comercial Ahora!!

Credits: BoA’s House –
Source: Bestiz –
Image: Nike –
Spanish Translation –


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