BoA, You are TOO nice – BoA, Eres MUY amable


Doesn’t BoA just seem like the nicest person? For those of you that think she is “acting” and “faking” her kindness, you are totally wrong. Today, TVXQ member U-Know suffered from an ankle injury during a performance in Japan. Coming to Korea, all the business class seats on the plane were taken and U-Know had to take the economic class. However, BoA who was riding the same plane in the business class yielded her seat to U-Know who was suffering with his injury. Kindly switching seats, U-Know made a comfortable trip to Korea. BoA’s loving and caring mind was seen not only on TV, but in reality. BoA, you are too nice.

¿Acaso BoA no es la persona mas noble? Para aquellos que piensan que esta “actuando” y “falsificando” su amabilidad, estan totalmente equivocados. Hoy, un miembro de TVXQ U-Know se lesiono su tobillo durante una actuacion en Japon. Regresando a Korea, todos los asientos en primera clase estaban reservados y U-Know tuvo que tomar uno de clase economica. Sin embargo, BoA quien iba en el mismo avion en primera clase le cedio su asiento a U-Know quien sufria por su lesion. Amablemente cambiaron de asiento y U-Know tuvo un viaje placentero a Korea. La forma de ser tan amable de BoA no solo se puede ver en la television, si no que tambien en la vida real.

Credits: BoA’s House –
Source: Sports Chosun –
Spanish Translation –


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