BoA Saves a Life – BoA Salva una Vida


On a Korean show titled YaShimManMan, HwaYoBi said that she would want to thank BoA for saving her voice. It started when singer HwaYoBi was eating fish, when a part of it got stuck in her throat. She called the hospital, but since her voice is somewhat different, the people didn’t believe her.Later, Saeng Bang Sung In Ki Ga Yo* played BoA’s song, “No.1” and HwaYoBi started singing along with it. And by the time she was at the “finally~” part, the thing that got stuck on her throat came out!So HwaYoBi is very thankful to BoA for saving her voice!

En un programa de Corea llamado YaShimManMan, HwaYoBi dijo que le gustaria agradecer a BoA por haber salvado su voz.Todo comenzo cuando la cantante HwaYoBi estaba comiendo pescado, cuando un parte del pez se le atoro en la garganta. Llamo al hospital pero como su voz es un tanto ‘diferente’, la gente no le creyo. Mas tarde, Saeng Bang Sung In Ki Ga Yo tocaba “No. 1”, cancion de BoA y HwaYoBi comenzo a cantar. Y para cuando llego al final de la cancion, la cosa que se le habia atorado salio de su garganta! HwaYoBi esta muy agradecida con BoA por haberle salvado la vida!

Credits: Daum –
English Translation: Minjoo –
Image: –
Spanish Translation –


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